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Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:47 am Reply with quote
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scoreboard lockup
When players with high ping connects, the scoreboard tends to lock up for all other players on the server not wanting to show up until the connecting player finishes.

crushed when standing up
Sometimes players are able to stop ducking while in tight areas causing them to become crushed.

Rail zoom stays on death
When you are killed while zooming with the rail the zoom stays on until you respawn.

Blood stains displayed incorrectly
Blood stains are sometimes stretched out over a couple of triangles causing a really odd-looking effect

red square smoke texture
Some times the texture of the orbit smoke is replaced with red squares. Restarting CI will change it back to normal.

Radar not working properly
The radar is not behaving as it should, sometimes teammates disappear from it even though they are nearby.

Spectator floating model
Sometimes while in spectator mode a floating Tomoe-model appear above you following you around.

Team-join in deathmatch
When joining a deathmatch game it says that you joined the blue team even though there are no teams in deathmatch mode.

Team_say in deathmatch
Team_say is not properly disabled when playing DM, however using team_say during DM sends to all anyways.

Invalid sound format
On very rare occasions the game reports a sound file as invalid file format even though the sound has been able to be played just fine up until then.
This only seem to happen with weapon_fire sounds.
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