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Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 12:40 am Reply with quote
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--- General changes ---
* Added advancedStats command

---UI/Console changes---
* Don't ESC away from New-Version window
* Esc clear chat input buffer
* Don't duplicate input history
* Added Fog switch to System UI
* Highlight top menu buttons
* Print developers nicks in credits
* Bigger base icons on radar
* Don't print forge info in HUD background

* 20% faster walk speed
* 50% more melee world damage
* 20% slower grengun fire time, and 20% more damage per grenade
* 10% lower railgun damage
* 25% smaller hit box for railgun
* Drop current weapon on death
* Added sg_fallDamage with default 0
* 16 grenades in item (back as in 1.00)

---Bug fixes---
* (BUG20) Fixed spectator hear blue team announcements
* (BUG21) Fixed network-not-working-at-all bug
* Fixed bad DNS resolve result in choppy fps problem
* Fixed " -> £ bug in chat history
* Fixed chat dump history bug
* Fixed shoot faster with toggle between weapon bug
* Fixed so all server matter commands use undo
* Fixed undo large matter chunk bug
* Fixed serverinfo mix connected server with UI bug
* Fixed don't spawn berserk bug
* Fixed Message Box fuck up console input bug
* Fixed createBall not smooth bug
* Fixed blurWorld remove all matter bug

---Various programming changes---
* Use wsock version 2.2
* Added sg_deathTime
* Aim print client names faster
* Default 30 seconds rcon echo time
* blurWorld give 120% more blur
* Lump ping packages in with snapshot packages
* Dynamic world resend time based on ping
* Added time command
* Added command swapMatter
* Count client with berserk in itemBerserkMax
* Added sg_autoRestart* to auto restart empty non-time servers
* Map commad don't change max players or rules if already server
* Protect against package drop on public server list transfer
* Capped createBall

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Celestial Impact
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