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Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 11:45 pm Reply with quote
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As opposed to the previous changelogs I'll just drop the full log here instead of a short one.

---General changes---
* New renderer, much faster.
* Melee weapon added
* New map "Volano" added
* New game mode "forge" (map editor)
* Full Windows Vista support
* Dedicated server on FreeBSD and Linux support added
* New player model "SWAT" for blue team.
* Added a barrel, a crashed probe and 3 stones as props for the world
* Added slime decals
* Two new world materials

---Object changes---
* Fixed a polygon error in the middle lod
* Updated mushroom object to resolve shadow error

--- UI changes ---
* Print game over
* Print weapon number in HUD
* No team_say during DM
* Write map name and server ip in loading screen
* Print rules in scoreboard
* Voting system added for forge
* Give tips in forge mode
* Added boss key (Alt + B)
* Added crystal shadow
* Swapped Refresh and Update buttons
* Added FreeBSD and Linux server icons
* Print aim name in forge
* Added more server info for servers
* Intro movie removed
* Intro logo added
* Added melee bind to UI
* Added forge controls to UI
* Removed ground smoke and shadows options from system menu
* Added dynamicshadows and glow options to system menu
* Added several widescreen resolutions

* Lower fire grengun fire time, more reload and less splatter radius
* Lower sub strength for all materials
* New tools added for forge mode
* Swat model for blue team, Tomoe model for red team

---Bug fixes---
* Fixed windows syscon message overflow bug
* Fixed windows syscon tab and history caret bug
* Fixed time wrap bug in Master
* Fixed fclose bug in journal
* Fixed quit journal crash bug
* Fixed random number bug in journal
* Fixed texture animation clamping bug
* Fixed snapshot delta screwing up axis bug
* Fixed constant berserk bug
* Fixed long player names fuck scoreboard bug
* Fixed loadImage "" bug
* Fixed dirt wall angle bug
* Fixed TurboWorldParse crash bug
* Fixed world trace fraction = 1 bug
* Fixed key getting stuck after journal is finished
* Fixed bullet mark fade away bug
* Fixed vote map string bug
* Fixed railgun impact flower bug
* Fixed UI double click bug
* Fixed r_skipGlow 1 gives HOM effect
* Fixed PVS leak bug
* Fixed texlist crash bug
* Fixed activeStencilFace crash bug
* Fixed 2563566 won bug
* Fixed intermission crash bug
* Fixed bad idle spawn weapon animation bug
* Fixed strncpyz( dst, "", ... ) bug
* Fixed heartbeat time bug
* Fixed quit free LOD crash bug
* Fixed world flicker on connect bug
* Fixed cull shadow bug
* Fixed UI list draw outside list bug
* Fixed UNIX-WIN game CRC bug
* Fixed blood stretch bug
* Fixed spectator entity bug
* Fixed space in password error

---Various programming changes---
* Rearranged head files
* Added r_skipSysConClose
* New faster meter code
* Mucking event index as devwarning
* sv_lanServer is 1 by default
* Added cg_fog* to cvars and fog* to world script
* Less WM texture seams
* Protect against announce spam
* Cleaned sv/cl init code
* Use time base to avoid 32 bit running out too quick
* Added nextMap function and mapcycle.txt
* Added base_skipWarning
* Added Meelgun
* Added weapon bobs
* Removed hole punching
* Cleaned sv_parsing
* Send game version and name in serverinfo
* Cmd system use less mallocs
* Removed cc_weapon11
* Added cc_*DeformSize
* Optimized frustum octree code
* Changed from say buffer to command buffer
* Use static memory for cvars
* Write date in time stamp
* Use static PVS memory
* Print number of client connect on client connect
* Added snd_skipMix
* Added g_maxSlide
* Added musicPath and musicVolume to world script
* Do fog pass after sky surfaces
* Stuck protection in spectator mode
* Rewrote collision code program triangles to convex polyhedrons
* Added wo_traceAll
* Print max values in wo_stats
* Smaller world page size
* Sub wall and platform
* Use pvs flag for page culling (about 5% to 20% faster)
* Added snd_maxChannels
* Added daemon mode for UNIX servers
* Try more then 1 port number on UNIX
* Black screen in solid
* Use 2 pass if not 1 pass shadow volume rendering is possible
* Delete all active paritlces on map change
* Better decal clipping
* Added sv_autoDump
* Added default rules to world script
* Don't run cmove in intermission mode
* Chop cmove up to avoid frame dependent issues
* Removed orbit smoke
* Smarter radar
* Print memory info if memory crash
* Added master cvar
* Use minigun as spawn weapon
* Berserk puls
* Default WAN server in dedicated mode
* Don't allow change server cvar outside server
* Clamp dirtsoup max size to 1000% and 10%
* Finish vote if all clients have voted
* Add extension to wo_dump and con_dump if needed
* Print OpenGL extensions to error dump
* Skip shadows for ATI on XP
* Added r_skipSkinning
* Don't display passwords in UI
* Added netgraph
* Added base_skipMaster
* Swap back to sphere after forge mode
* Less diffuse in chill.material
* Client don't need any .world
* Clear particles, marks and cents on rule change
* Made hide full/empty servers work
* Don't kick all client on map change
* Added widescreen resolutions
* map have second argument for rules
* Updated default config
* Write IP in clientList
* Added banList and unban
* Added nop
* Moved rcon to base
* Added memCheck

Daniel Wikell
Game Design, 2D art and the rest of the stuff that noone else does
Celestial Impact
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