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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2007 3:03 pm Reply with quote
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Dedicated Server under FreeBSD och Linux

To start a dedicated server under Linux or FreeBSD. Go to the Celestial Impact directory and write:
./ci_freebsd or ./ci_linux
(use chmod command to set the correct execute mode).

If you want to start Celestial Impact as a daemon write:
./ci_freebsd -D or ./ci_linux -D
Then the daemon will ask for an rcon password (base_rconPassword) and which map to play.

You must use rcon to control a daemon server or there will be no way to communicate with it. To remotely control your server from a Celetial Impact client, first set base_rconPassword to the correct password on the client and then use the rconIp command:

rconIp <server ip address> <command>
rconIp map cross.world
which will change the map the server is running to "cross"

To change the server name write:
rconIp <server address> "sg_name 'hello world'"
including the two different quotations in that order.

You can also connect to the server and use the rcon command.

For setting common values for a server see Advanced options.
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