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Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 10:20 am Reply with quote
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Just thought I'd add the changelog here too. This is a more readable changelog so I excluded the pure programming changes. For the full changelog, see the changelog.txt in the Celestial Impact Beta 7 zip file at the downloads section.

---UI Changes---
* Short map descriptions on "create" UI added
* Attempt to update all public servers when entering "connect" UI
* Added support for cancelling chat input by pressing esc-button
* Deathmatch names changed to be shown as light blue instead of previous teams colour.
* Next weapon and previous weapon keys added to the "controls" UI. (default mouse wheel up and mouse wheel down)

* Smoke trails from the grenades fired by the Grengun does now use team colour for better visibility.
* Minigun boxes spawnrate lowered slightly.
* Knockback factor lowered slightly.
* The Grengun's random barrel-aim has been halved to lift player controlled aim.
* Inflcitor hit sound added. Now you can know if your shots hit or not even from afar.
* Grengun damage lowered from 70 to 60 base damage.
* Berserker powerup is dropped when a player having berserker is killed.
* 3 new maps added. The small sized "Fort", the medium sized "Cross" and the tiny sized "Agon"

---Bug fixes---
* Fixed con_dump crash bug
* Fixed Unkown key "" bug
* Fixed start 2 dedicated servers crash bug
* Fixed grenades explode in air bug
* Fixed SV cg_client_list crash bug
* Fixed log crash bug
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