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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2007 3:50 pm Reply with quote
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green triangle
On very rare occassions a single green triangle shows up in the geometry.

black triangle
Sightings of a single black triangle that stretches infinitely up in the sky appearing on some graphic cards was reported.

Shadows disabled on ATI cards
This it not really a bug, ATI have for some reason left out support for these kind of shadows.

Unkown token "PK"
Appears as an error freezing the screen for a few seconds. Seems to be more frequent when you have really low fps (<10)

Map Agon has incorrect info
Agon shows up as user created instead of an official map. This is not a bug, just a misonfiguration that wasn't discovered until this version was already out

Daniel Wikell
Game Design, 2D art and the rest of the stuff that noone else does
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