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Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 10:41 pm Reply with quote
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Full changelog for beta 9!

---General changes---
* Rails use fog color
* Added Capture the Crystal game mode (CTF)
* Added spark rain
* New level shots for all levels
* New map "Yum" added
* 7 New World materials

---UI/Console changes---
* Moved sg_name to sv_name and sg_maxPlayers to sv_maxPlayers
* Print server name in dedicated console caption
* No drop shadow on console text
* shift ~ small console, ctrl ~ big console
* Saved 3 MB of UI texture data
* Renamed ui_skipNotifyConsole to con_skipNotify
* Added con_skipConsole
* Better tab combletion
* Print Hi/Lo in memStats
* Add port number to errordump name
* Added wo_upload cmd
* Added startTime, cmdLine and uptime cmds
* base_rconPassword and sv_password are secret cvars
* Added EXE icon
* Berserk facelift
* Added r_tangentSpace again
* Write better rules explanation in server info
* Print rules on connect
* Added r_skipCacheIndexes
* Move down scoreboard in intermission
* Add levelShot command
* Added cl_rate control to UI
* Added snd_mixAheadPush
* Added wo_printUpload
* Write rules in scoreboard
* Added sg_mapCycle

* Variable life, armor and berserk amounts in items
* Melee weapon makes 70% more damage
* 25% faster dirt generation and max 20 dirt ammo generated this way
* Go to next map instead of restart after intermission

---Bug fixes---
* Fixed agon mini loading image bug
* Fixed console input line length bug
* Fixed fort vo2 bug
* Fixed spectator respawn on rule change bug
* Fixed Agon map bug
* screenshot silent now works
* Fixed take more then 24 screenshots crash bug
* Fixed "Could not resolve master DNS" spam bug
* Fixed white loading map screen bug
* Fixed vertex caching bug
* Fixed index cache memory leak
* Fixed unknown token "maxPlayers" bug
* Fixed nextMap memory leak
* Fixed UI list memory leak
* Fixed dropped from server memory leak
* Fixed action script memory leak
* Fixed server stopped sending heartbeat bug
* Fixed cg_fog cheat protection bug
* Fixed batch merge axis/pos bug
* Fixed stop journal crash bug
* Fixed escape from forge menu bug
* Fixed cg_drawCoords bug
* Fixed don't use _mini.tgas in create menu
* Fixed console history bug
* Fixed stop journal bug
* Fixed action script bug on map change
* Fixed kick all client if not dedicated bug
* Fixed lose berserk on pickup bug
* Fixed r_picmip menu bug
* Fixed UNIX sleep bug
* Fixed "map agon" on map agon bug

---Various programming changes---
* Cleaned up some old shit
* Write number of lines in con_dump
* Discard clicks on console
* Send rcon password with MD5
* Added maxPlayers to world script
* Added stopJournal command
* Amount of texture used in frame now works
* Disable printf in daemon mode
* Check so sv_password is a valid string
* Send server pass with MD5
* Don't print default for Cvar ROMs
* Stateless challenge challenges on master to avoid DDoS
* DoS protected get server list
* Added itemAmmo to weapon section in world script
* Changed from player spawn boxes to spheres
* Always draw view weapon first if MAX_R_SURFACES hits
* Added static item spawn to world script
* Don't draw crystal view and bersek in third person
* DoS protected getserver on master
* Added tickRate and tickMax to weapons in world script
* Saved 2 MB world memory
* Always give advanced bug report in debug mode
* PVS check sparks
* Spam protect server prints
* Print engine version and creation time in config
* strcat .world in map command if needed
* Protect so fopen can't get outside CI dir
* Send spectator angles over net
* Nice spectator positions on all maps
* Cleaned up and optimized all visual studio options
* Preregister sounds
* Faster sound indexing
* Base snd_mixAhead on fps
* Check pack files CRC on loading
* Don't stop players from using connect as reconnect command
* Clamp cg_fov 10-150
* Good console message history in dedicated console
* Removed 100 max fps
* Keep rules on map change
* Sort maps in create menu

Daniel Wikell
Game Design, 2D art and the rest of the stuff that noone else does
Celestial Impact
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