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Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 8:59 pm Reply with quote
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Here are some of the known bugs in version 1.00

Last bug is BUG21.

-------General bugs-------
BUG16: Sometimes you spawn without ground under your feet on Donot

-------UI/Console bugs-------
BUG14: Scoreboard don't show up sometimes when people connect to server
BUG20: Spectator can see blue team messages

BUG5: The world can be culled away sometimes when it should not
BUG6: When playing online sometimes some triangles from the world can disappear
BUG9: Shadow from entities disappear sometimes if at high altitude
BUG15: Some decals get wrong textures (some green shit)
BUG17: Some ATI cards don't see fog

BUG8: Spectator angles fuck up after map change
BUG21: Some people don't see any servers or can't connect to any server

-------UNIX bugs-------
BUG19: base_pid don't work

BUG11: After 49.7 days some minor bugs might occur
BUG18: Non-dedicated servers might drop all players on map change
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