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Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 10:12 pm Reply with quote
Developer Joined: 04 Apr 2007 Posts: 136 Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Here cometh the full changelog:

--- General changes ---
* Linear gravity
* New map "Donot"
* New version of map Hyper (less caves)
* Use fov 95 as default
* Raised amount of blood splats
* Added Green crystal beacon for neutral crystal
* 4 new props for Yum added
* World material red re-named to lavastone
* New world material Crystal red
* Crystal red and Crystal blue changed to non deformable matter

---UI/Console changes---
* Only print cl_num on connection in developer mode
* Generate random number after Hugo and server name
* Better sorting in scoreboard
* Added sg_maxDeformSize and set default to 200
* Show next map in Server Info
* Use 75 as default round limit
* Clear and focus password input field
* Added pure server option to Create
* Added sv_skipHeartbeat
* Default no glow or dynamic shadows
* Added Hide Password Servers to connect UI
* Added FOV to UI
* Added key for screenshot
* Print what next map is in voting
* Added blurWorld command
* Added vote for blurWorld
* Cheat protected third person
* Default Auto next map 6 seconds
* Smaller notify text
* Show progress bar in loading screen
* Added disconnect button to download map
* Print how long client have been connect when leaving
* Added kick and rules to callVote
* Added solidarity count down
* Added sv_privatePassword
* Display all player names when aiming at them (both team members and opponents)
* More tips in forge mode
* Added history to chat input
* Use correct team colors for text
* Added cg_hudStyle
* Print max rounds instead of rounds left in HUD
* Moved giveBerserk to give berserk

* 10% faster minigun and grengun reload
* 40 more in total minigun ammo when spawning
* 25% higher crystal beacon
* More items on all maps
* More grengun ammo in boxes
* Spawn with 125 in health
* Added auto call nextMap when over 90 min have passed
* Railgun mag size lowered to 6
* More grengun deform
* Melee weapon now also deforms
* 50% larger spawning area around base in CC
* Added handicap system
* Non-linear recoil on minigun
* Lower minigun damage (but less recoil)
* Display crystal in CR and bases in CC on radar
* Faster weapon switch when changing to dirtgun
* More advantages for crystal team in CR

---Bug fixes---
* (BUG1) Fixed Could not edit time limit in ui bug
* (BUG2) Fixed empty rules box for CC server bug
* (BUG3) Fixed kB/s instead of B/s bug
* (BUG4) Fixed can't use " in chat
* (BUG7) Fixed client hang in download map
* (BUG10) Fixed UNIX crash when more then 2 servers bug
* (BUG12) nextMap keep current max players
* (BUG13) Fixed Could not load DLL bug
* Fixed possible overflow infostring bug
* Fixed spectators see team say bug
* Fixed mark server in connect list bug
* Fixed so center text don't print outside screen
* Fixed draw user create map image bug
* Fixed tm_loadModel not change position bug
* Fixed clients dropped from windows non-dedicated server on map change
* Fixed spawning slope bug
* Fixed map command from maps/ dir bug
* Fixed move window outside left screen border will fuck up mouse bug
* Fixed could not find .vo2 result in empty map bug
* Fixed berserk give normal trail bug
* Hopefully fixed don't get any global servers when starting CI bug

---Various programming changes---
* Protect from changed content outside packs
* Update master every time a player connect/disconnect
* Only dump non default cvars to config.cfg
* Don't picmip KTH logo
* Added base_pid cvar
* Check so client and server engine version match on connect
* Added silent option to sv_cheats
* Added itemBerserkMax to world script
* Added r_tangentSpace 2 for for normal space
* Added history dump to config
* Put DLL outside pack file
* Added sg_voteDisable* commands
* Added Alt+Enter fullscreen toggle support
* Set all nonused WMs to zero in VO2 load
* Added wo_undo

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Daniel Wikell
Game Design, 2D art and the rest of the stuff that noone else does
Celestial Impact
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Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 11:55 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 24 May 2008 Posts: 20
What does pure server do?
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Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 9:25 am Reply with quote
Developer Joined: 04 Apr 2007 Posts: 136 Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Pure server prevents players from having modified any of the content in the pack files.

Daniel Wikell
Game Design, 2D art and the rest of the stuff that noone else does
Celestial Impact
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