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Posted: Mon May 26, 2008 7:48 pm Reply with quote
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Now I don't really know who's hosting these or what control the devs have but there are a few things I'd like to note.

1. We really need CR and CTC servers that are based in the US. These modes are generally a lot more fun than DM because people don't tend to reduce themselves to terraforming.
2. A forge server would be nice. A lot of people want to play forge mode in the other servers, these people just make the terrain messier than it needs to be for the rest of us and take up space.
3. A lot of servers seem to have ridiculous time limits. Drillcat for example has a two hour time limit. Now I'll grant that this gives us a lot more room to explore the full potential of deformable terrain, however after half an hour of experiencing this "full potential" it is impossible to move without spamming the dirtgun. I suggest to anyone hosting servers that you keep the time limit reasonable. Somewhere between ten minutes and half an hour. The true potential of the deformable terrain is using it to your advantage on a fight by fight basis, making a pillar to snipe from, extending a wall to get better cover, tunneling underneath people and dropping them down so you can drill them, etc etc. This is not realized when the map is an utter mess and honestly, slogging through a round that goes for more than half an hour is more strenuous than fun. I think fifteen minute rounds are ideal but that may be because I'm too used to baboviolent.

Oh and I haven't said this in any of my other posts yet so I'll say it now. This game is the most awesome concept I've seen in a shooter, the deformable terrain offers so much strategic potential that other shooters simply don't have. I hope the community gets much larger than it presently is.
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Posted: Mon May 26, 2008 9:23 pm Reply with quote
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We are right now hosting three servers in the US (name starting with USA). I agree that CR and CTC are much more fun, though new players don't seem to get the objectives and we thought DM are an better introduction to the game.

The ridiculous time limits are due to coorn believing more players join them. Thank you that more than me think they are stupid Smile.

We will change the timelimits and add more modes to the US servers.

Thanks for your kind words of the game!

Daniel Carlsson
Concept and 3D artist
Celestial Impact
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